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Past Robots


(Relic Recovery 2017-2018)

Revolution was our robot during the Relic Recovery season. We qualified 2nd in the state and had so many great experiences as a rookie team with Revolution. Our grab and flip system differentiated our robot from the crowd.

Crater Bot

(Rover Ruckus 2018-2019)

Crater Bot was our robot during the Rover Ruckus season. We qualified 20th in the world and 1st in the state. We made many memories as a second-year team with this robot. Some notable features of our robot were our unique intake method and the adaptable method of movement.

Brick Bot

(Skystone 2019-2020)

Brick Bot was our robot during the Skystone season. We were state Semi-Finalists.

Donut Bot

(Ultimate Goal 2020-2021)

Donut Bot was our robot during the Ultimate Goal season. We finished with the 5th highest score in the State Championship.


(Freight Frenzy 2021-2022)

Shreybot was our robot during the Freight Frenzy season. We were Finalist Alliance pick in the State Championship.

Stretch Bot

(Powerplay 2022-2023)

Stretch Bot was our robot during the Powerplay season. In the State Championship, we were the Winning Alliance - 1st Team Selected and had the highest scoring match in the State Championship with 269 points.