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Outreach by the Numbers

1500+ People Reached

Throughout the season, we have gone to companies, participated in many events, and helped out our community.

Content Creation

We have posted various types of content throughout the year, with starting to create recaps of the events we hold, and creating posts dedicated to the people we meet.



Summer Camps

Starting in 2018, we have held summer camps for kids interested in robotics. This year, students were able to focus on building, CAD, and programming. There were also engineering challenges: popsicle stick bridges, spaghetti towers, autonomous and TeleOp robot courses, and many more.

FIRST Lego League (FLL)

In 2022, Pioneer Robotics decided to expand and create and mentor two different FIRST Lego League teams for the new middle school at Saint John's High School. In their rookie years, Team 57889 Powered Pioneers placed 13th at a qualifying tournament and won the Gracious Professionalism award at a scrimmage. Team 55765 Trailblazing Pioneers placed 2nd in the "Lightning Round" at the State Championship, in the qualifying tournament they were Core Values finalists and placed 2nd in the Elimination Rounds.

Robotics Club

From grades 7-12, Pioneer Robotics allows members to be able to create their own projects with help from members of our team. We held weekly meetings and 25 members were able to show their interest in robotics and engineering, while also being exposed to FIRST and how they can apply their skills to FIRST programs.