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WPI Touch Tomorrow

Today we presented at the Touch Tomorrow event put on by WPI. This event draws nearly 10,000 people from all around New England. The event brings STEM and technology-based organizations, clubs, and companies together to showcase everything from robot demos to making oobleck (kinetic slime). We brought our competition robot as well as another robot we designed to shoot ping pong balls at a target. This worked great as it gave the kids a chance to control a robot on a smaller scale than our competition robot but still give them the same sensation. We also did demos of our competition robot and explained the parts of the robot and how it worked as well as what it is like to compete in FIRST. It was just like the Cambridge Science Carnival and Robot Zoo in April where we were one of the exhibitors under FIRST. As the pictures show we had a great time showcasing our robots and interacting with the community in a way in which we don't get to do very often. 

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