Second Qualifier Win @ Hadley, MA

  The Saint John’s Pioneer Robotics Team, based in Shrewsbury, MA, has had a phenomenal year so far. After winning their first qualifier event in Lexington by going undefeated and winning the Inspire Award there too, they continued to prepare for the next qualifier. By spending many weeks adding more to the robot and developing the code, the Pioneers felt ready for the competition in Hadley, MA on February 9th. They won all 5 of their rounds and became the first seed for the following playoff tournament. They went undefeated once again and won the tournament.

          On top of this, they also won the Connect Award for their outstanding outreach events, such as participating in WPI’s Touch Tomorrow and mentoring a fellow FIRST Tech Challenge team. With an average score of 202 points, it was clear that the Pioneers had improved from their last qualifier event and will continue to improve for the State Championship in March.

          This week, the Saint John’s Pioneer Robotics team is preparing to compete in the State Championship matches at Natick, MA on March 2nd. In their qualifiers in January and February, they went undefeated, compiling a combined record of 19-0-0. At the Lexington qualifier on January 6, they not only won the overall competition, but they also won the Inspire Award, which is the highest honor for any team in any First Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics competition. At Hadley on February 2, they repeated their performance of winning the entire competition and also won the Connect award, honoring the team which has done the most robust outreach in their community.    

Going into the State Championship, they are ranked 2nd in the state and 43rd in the United States. Their hard work and dedication have been consistent throughout the season, and their efforts since the Hadley qualifier have only intensified. They are eager to compete with the best teams in the state next Saturday, March 2, at Natick High School. Come by and cheer your Pioneer Robotics team to success!   

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