November 2nd Meet-Chassis and Grabber

We continued to work on the chassis today. Holes were cut into the chassis using a hole saw drill bit for the drill press. The holes will accommodate the motor, the axles for the wheels, and allow wires to go into the inside of the drive train for access to motors and encoders. The holes were then sanded down using a Dremel with a sandpaper attachment. We also cut axles for the wheels of off a long rod. The design team continued its work on the glyph grabber-lifter prototype. We tied nylon string to the top of the assembly and wound it around the pulleys, and secured it on the motor with some duct tape. The motor was able to hoist the assembly. We then sought out some nuts, bolts, and washers long enough to secure the pulleys. Then we worked together with the programming group to test some of its functions, such as opening the claws and lifting the assembly.

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