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Chassis Assembly

Work on the chassis began today! The builders have moved power tools into a physics lab to use as a temporary work space until the Maker space is completed. We were not be able to start building any real things and only prototype till now, because we were not allowed to work in the school classrooms where we previously met. However, this new work space will allow us to make progress until the real work space is finished. So far, the aluminum U- channel in the picture has been cut into two 17.5 inch segments that will house the drive train and form the basis for the chassis and the rest of the robot. The next step is sanding down the edges, and then drilling holes for the motors and axles into the segments.

The design team worked on the prototype glyph grabber and lifting mechanism even more today. The lifting mechanism is attached the glyph grabbers, but the motor to test out the mechanism has not been procured yet. Our next step will be to use the motor to test out the mechanism, and make any further alterations so that the prototype is completed by the team the chassis base is done.

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