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2018-2019 Robotics Tryouts

Today was the first official meeting of the new season for the robotics team. At the beginning of the meeting, we all gathered to discuss upcoming events for the team, such as the challenge reveal next weekend and the upcoming freshman tryouts for the robotics team. We talked about the preparations necessary for the challenge reveal since this year our team was one of the teams demonstrating their robot prior to the reveal.  The programming group  tested the Java knowledge of the candiates. The building group’s challenge was run by Millan and AJ, and they had the groups build square rectangular structures with two axles with two interlocking gears connected to the center of the structure. The goal of this challenge was to test the problem solving skills of the candidates.The CAD group’s challenge was to show recruits how to create a screw and then ask them to create a bolt that goes around it to see what they’ve learned and how proficient they are with CAD. The list of new members will be posted shortly.

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