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2017 Saint John's Open House

Today, Saint Johns hosted an open house where we demoed our design process and the current state of the robot. People came in who were curious about the FIRST program and our experiences in the club. We explained our tasks on this year’s game board and the discussions we held to figure out the best approaches. The most common questions people had about the robot was whether it was made from scratch or a kit and whether the robot was automatic or driven. We explained the that the entire robot was designed by hand and then build through custom cutting parts to fit as well as pre-cut Actobotics parts. We explained how the robot had both an autonomous and tele-op portion of the challenge to complete, so it required us to prepare for both. We showed that the robot was coded in Java and explained our code’s logic and the work of the programmers. The audience for this open house were about 200 rising freshmen who were on the fence about coming to our school or a public school with VEX robotics. We outlined the differences between the FIRST and VEX programs, and how we enjoyed our experience and our inclusion in the FIRST community. We also shared FIRST’s core values and mission.

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